Your 4 step guide to Holiday Card giving

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By now you probably have accumulated numerous holiday cards featuring clever hello’s and pictures of family and friends sometimes in those wonderful holiday sweaters. But what do you do if you’re a small company? Do you send out the same card featuring your dog and son in an awkward pose?

Here is a helpful four step guide to last minute card giving..

1. Hand write the address.

It may take an extra minute or two; possibly a hand cramp, but you are sending out a strong and warm hello by writing it out. It shows your client that you care enough to personalize and not run it through a printer. Just make sure when addressing them you use a Mr., Mrs, etc.

2. Keep the card simple.
As a rule of thumb I select a simple and clean looking card with room to write. Always and I do mean always, stay away from glitter cards. There is nothing more irritating then being covered in glitter all day and having glitter piles on your desk. [Pro Tip] Your card has a shelf life in their office so make sure it represents you and your company the way you want!

3. Write a personal message.

As a small business owner I personally make sure that before any card leaves my studio that I personally write a brief message saying “Thank you for your business [name]” and I usually add either a small inside joke or something to really push the feeling of I care. The card may already come with a “Happy Holiday” written in it, but it never hurts to write something special.

4. Holiday Stamps
Ok, this one may seem silly but if you are sending holiday cards this is the final detail that you need to do. With so many choices available this is a fun way to add some humor or to class it up.

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From everybody on the eleven nine team, we wish you a Happy Holiday and have a happy and safe New Years.

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