We did it again!

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Recently we found out that a catalog we designed for Malletech won the GDUSA InHouse Design Award and we couldn’t have been happier! But what makes up an award-winning piece? In the case of this catalog I can honestly say it was all do to one thing: Communication.

Really?!? It wasn’t the great and consistent layout? Or, the way a simple color scheme divided the catalog sections? – Well, that did help too. ?

The biggest thing to make any print, web, social media post, or anything else is the proper communication between you and the client. When you have that kind of clarity you can really achieve some amazing things. I’ve heard the horror stories that one person doesn’t know what the other is doing which results in a double the amount of work, which usually leads to miss deadlines. With all the different communication tools available now (SKYPE, texting, email, even social media) there should be no reason why you and your client should ever not know what is going on.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at eleven nine is the fact we stay in touch with our clients. Whether it is a simple email saying hello, or phone call for a status check, we make sure you know what we are up to and vive versa. – Heck we just got the award that proves it!

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