is Facebook taking over

The Online Video Landscape: Is Facebook taking over?

YouTube has dominated the world of web video for over a decade. With everything from crazy cats to laughing babies, you can find almost anything on the Google owned video hub. For small businesses though, having your video on YouTube can be a double edged sword. Sure, it’s listed on the largest video search engine around, but is it highly visible in a search? Sure, you can embed the video anywhere you’d like, but is that a targeted marketing ...

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Staying Social

Too often, when Tim & I meet with small business owners, we hear, “I have a Facebook page, but nobody likes what I post or comments, so I don’t post that often.” So why have a Facebook page? One of the main reasons is that when Facebook’s popularity was rising, every business advice columnist under the sun told small biz owners to start a Facebook page. Unfortunately, business owners would post things like, “Open til 5 today!” or “Sales on ...

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