Grow your social network with us

You know social media can benefit your business, but everywhere you turn, things seem to get more & more complicated. Not at Eleven Nine. We’ve broken it down so you can sign-up for as little or as much social media help as you need.

All of our social media plans include a FREE monthly photo shoot to ensure up-to-date content. All social media plans are month-to-month, so no long term commitment. If you want to sign up for a single plan for 6 months, we’ll produce a FREE 30 second video for your business.

Let’s get started. Which social network do you want E9 to help you grow?


FACEBOOK: $350 per month, which includes $100 marketing budget. We create a customized Facebook marketing strategy for your business. With the included marketing budget, we develop the strategy to include Boosted Posts, Local Ads, and Promote A Page. These tools are crucial to getting your content seen all across Facebook. We’ll create a maximum of 3 posts per week with a combination of original and shared content. All posts are optimized to follow Facebook best practices. With Facebook, it’s about quality, not quantity, and our methods have seen proven success.

INSTAGRAM: $250 per month. We create a customized strategy to make sure each uploaded picture is using a call-to-action to direct traffic to your website, other social pages, or to call your business. We post up to 4 times per week depending on needs laid out in the strategy. Each pic is optimized by using 10-15 hashtags per post, which is a standard best practice.

TWITTER: $250 per month. We create a customized strategy with proper hashtags, links, and photos. We’ll tweet between 2-4 times per day, depending on needs laid out in the strategy. This includes tweeting, re-tweeting & favoriting relevant content, and responding to tweets & DM’s with questions, comments, etc.


AUDIENCE GROWTH TOOLS: For an additional $100 per month (per social account), we utilize audience growth tools to find new followers for your business on Twitter and Instagram. We research hashtags, keywords, posts, and user profiles to grow your audience. Adding these tools to your plan helps ensure more people will see your content on a weekly basis.

YOUTUBE: Every business needs video. Add our YouTube Package to any social plan for $500 per month. This includes a monthly 1 minute video produced by E9 for your business. We come to your business for a video shoot (up to 2 hours), professional editing, music, graphics, and we upload it to YouTube. We also create & manage your YouTube channel (we’re certified by YouTube in Channel Optimization). Plus, we’ll upload the video directly to Facebook, and upload a :15 second teaser version to Instagram. All that for just an additional $500!


Bundle the Twitter & Instagram packages for $500 a month and we’ll throw in the Audience Growth Tools for FREE. That’s a savings of $200 per month!

Bundle the Facebook package with either the Twitter or Instagram package for $600 and we’ll throw in the Audience Growth Tools for FREE. That’s a savings of $100 per month!

Bundle all three (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for $1,000, and get FREE Audience Growth Tools, and a FREE 30 second video produced for your business.

Add the YouTube Package to any of our Bundle packages, and receive $100 off your first month (requires 6 month sign-up/first month is $400 for YT package/months 2-6 is $500).

* Want automatic payments? Signing up with PayPal requires an additional $15 service charge.