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With all the small businesses I come in contact with, the one with a seemingly endless stream of social content is SALONS. A salon has new clients in the door every day freshening up their hair style, updating their look, and leaving with a newfound confidence. Every person that walks in the door for a haircut has a story to tell, and what better place to tell it then on social media. Hairstylists change lives, sometimes without even realizing it. You can get lost in the day to day tasks of your job, and not think about how you’re helping people.

I’ve seen many salons & barber shops take advantage of social media and benefit from it. Some, however, aren’t doing enough or anything at all. With the right strategy in place, social media and video can keep those chairs filled. In today’s blog, let’s talk about 4 things your salon or barbershop can do to raise awareness of your business, and get new customers walking in the door.


1. Smiles & Stories in 15 Seconds

I love to see any business thriving on Instagram and reaching potential customers. Salons are taking advantage of the rich search features & hashtags so their photos are found easily. One thing I see too often is hair pics. Wait, but it’s a salon? True, but just showing hair isn’t the way to go. People love to see smiling faces. Don’t show 3 different angles of hair, unless one of those is a big, bright smile! I know. Some folks don’t want their picture taken, but if you mention it’s to showcase their beauty, and your work, they might give in a little.

Along with those photos, make sure to use the description to tell the story of that client. People are more likely to comment or even share that photo if you tell a brief story. For example, “Donna is getting ready for her mother’s 80th birthday celebration tonight. We gave her a fresh cut, and added some highlights. It’ll go perfect with the new dress & jewelry she purchased. Have fun tonight, Donna, and happy birthday to your mom, Gladys!”

Throw in a few hashtags, and that’s a nice story that people can relate to. Hopefully, it’ll lead to a client coming in one day and saying, “I loved what you did for Donna on Instagram before her mother’s birthday. Can we try something like that with my hair?” That’s an incredible connection made with someone, and it all stemmed from social media.

Another amazing feature of Instagram is the :15 second videos you can share there. Everything I mentioned about storytelling and smiling face applies here too. Videos are better than photos. They just are! When you have a brave soul in your chair, see if they’re willing to explain what you did for them, why they needed the haircut, etc. Videos bring your salon to life. You as the stylist can tell the story, too. It gives folks a chance to meet you and get a feel for your personality before they ever walk in the door.

2. A Smarter Coupon

It amazes me how many small businesses don’t take advantage of Facebook Offers. If you don’t know, Facebook Offers are a fantastic way to get your coupons, special offers, and discounts out to the masses. Plus, you get to take advantage of Facebook Insights to track how many people are seeing and responding to your offer. For a few bucks, you can Boost an offer and have it seen by thousands of people in your local area. It beats putting an offer in the local coupon mailer because although they promise a certain number of eyeballs on your offer, they can’t specify demographics like Facebook can.

3. Go LIVE from your Salon

Taking your social media LIVE is becoming easier everyday. We were filming a video in a salon recently for a make-up artist, and the salon owner was in the chair getting her makeup done. She had an assistant stream the whole thing using Periscope right from her iPhone. The make-up artist and the salon owner answered questions from people about the make-up and the owner’s hairstyle. Connecting with people through live streaming is a powerful tool for marketing your salon. You can live stream events, tutorials, or even just a client getting a haircut. The key is to promote what you’re streaming a few days or weeks before it happens. Stream shorter events or messages first. Do it for fun and try it out. Once your audience is aware that you’re using Periscope or Meerkat, they won’t be caught off guard when you stream a bigger event.


4. YouTube: The Best Marketing Tool for Your Salon

People might miss a live stream, or maybe they don’t have an Instagram account. So the best tool for marketing your salon is YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google, and Google owns it. So if your content is on YouTube, it will get found. So how does a salon take advantage of YouTube? Isn’t the cost of video production too high? Let’s talk about it.

Every salon should have a well produced video showcasing their stylists, their location, and the attitude of the salon. As mentioned earlier, people want to meet you before they meet you. Yes, word of mouth is the best marketing. When people get that word of mouth recommendation, the first thing they usually do is google your business. They want to see an up-to-date website, a Facebook page with tons of great content, and a video. Who are these folks? What’s the vibe? Is it a quiet place or a loud environment? Answer all these questions with a video.

If you’re only budgeted for one video, make it a good one. A solid 90 second to 2 minute video should tell the story of your salon or barber shop effectively. If you sign up with a company that combines video & social, often you can get a discount on video services. Producing a monthly video can be a huge boost to your marketing. You can showcase the latest styles & trends, new products you’re using, or spotlight a stylist. Producing content like this on a regular basis keeps your salon feeling alive, AND will show up higher in search results on Google.

I hope these four tips help your salon as the world of social marketing continues to expand and grow. I know how hard it is for a small business owner to keep track of all the latest technology and apps that are out there. You have a laundry list of things to do each day to keep your business running. If you have any questions, comments, or just wanna chat about your salon or barber shop, feel free to send me an email:

Thanks for reading!

– Chris

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