Make Your Restaurant Social

Restaurants! Look, we all love you. You’re where we eat. You’re where we go on dates, celebrate anniversaries, hold business meetings, AND where we can experience unique cuisine. Do your customers know that? Do your customers know how unique you are? Maybe you think they do, but do they really? If someone hasn’t discovered you yet, do you have vibrant content out there pulling them in & making their mouths water?

OK, enough questions. Here are some solutions to problems you ...

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social media mistakes

4 Common Social Media Mistakes Made By Small Businesses


You’ve decided to start utilizing social media for your small biz. Hooray! You’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’re getting a couple of likes here and there, but you’re not seeing the results you want. Here’s 4 common social media mistakes made by small businesses. Try and avoid these, and you should be on your way to social success!

1. HAVE A STRATEGY – Many small business owners jump into the social media pool headfirst and that’s great, but without ...

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social media with results

Social Media Marketing with RESULTS

Eleven Nine Studios doesn’t just do social media marketing. We do social media marketing WITH RESULTS. After working with Hometown Heroes for the past six months, we delivered what they wanted: increased engagement, management across multiple platforms, and audience growth. Thanks to these results, we’re truly grateful that Hometown Heroes has re-signed with us for another six months.

The main focus for our strategy with HH is Facebook. It’s where they had their largest audience prior to working with ...

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