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Internet Explorer is dead and what you need to know

It’s another dark day in January, but this time it’s for PC users and fans of Internet Explorer.
Long before its competition took over there was one browser that you could argue was the best in the world. And it went by Internet Explorer. Every PC computer came bundled with it, and just became your standard PC browser that opened (unless you changed your settings) up until this past March when Edge emerged on Windows 10. Granted ...

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Your 4 step guide to Holiday Card giving

By now you probably have accumulated numerous holiday cards featuring clever hello’s and pictures of family and friends sometimes in those wonderful holiday sweaters. But what do you do if you’re a small company? Do you send out the same card featuring your dog and son in an awkward pose?

Here is a helpful four step guide to last minute card giving..

1. Hand write the address.

It may take an extra minute or two; possibly a hand ...

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Get our of you social media comfort zone

Is your business too comfortable?

Just like those comfy sweat pants we all have and will never throw away, your business can also slip into that “comfy” role. Often times we are not sure how it happens, but as business owners we get into certain routines that could end up hurting us in the long run. It’s nice knowing you have your regulars or those seasonal customers, but with attention spans rapidly decreasing, you can’t always rely on that customer loyalty. You have to work to ...

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Are Facebook Cover Photos Important For Brands?

We had an interesting conversation last week that ended up becoming a great topic to share here in our blog. During a strategy meeting we were asked, “Are Facebook cover photos that important for my brand? Does my customer even care?” And without hesitation my response was, “Yes they are extremely important.”

Here’s why…

Social media cover photos (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) are a great FREE tool to help promote your brand. Since social media as a whole has become a “pay to play” environment, it’s ...

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