Are Facebook Cover Photos Important For Brands?

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We had an interesting conversation last week that ended up becoming a great topic to share here in our blog. During a strategy meeting we were asked, “Are Facebook cover photos that important for my brand? Does my customer even care?” And without hesitation my response was, “Yes they are extremely important.”

Here’s why…

Social media cover photos (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) are a great FREE tool to help promote your brand. Since social media as a whole has become a “pay to play” environment, it’s things like this that companies both large and small should take advantage of. Do you have a new product coming out, or an upcoming event? This is the perfect spot to start marketing it. Whether you are an existing fan of the page, or just coming across it for the first time, this is the first thing anyone will ever see. So why not take advantage of it? Check out what a few top brands are using for their Facebook cover photos and then click here to view several others.

honda cover

pepsi cover


eleven nine cluttered billboard

Still on the fence about it? Think of it this way…It’s your own personal billboard. We’ve all come across them while driving on the turnpike. We all try to quickly read what’s on there before passing it up, and trying desperately to figure out what the last line says. With the millions of potential customers on Facebook and Twitter everyday, wouldn’t it be awesome to have something that grabs their attention instantly? With social media cover photos, it can happen.

Our own E9 social media guru, Chris Robinson, is a huge proponent of social cover photos. Here are his thoughts: “If people aren’t aware of your brand, then become aware of it, the first thing they’ll do is visit your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube channel page. What are they going to see first? Your cover photo/channel art. This might be the ONLY TIME they visit your actual page because they’ll get all future updates right in their news feed/tweet stream/subscription stream. So this is a big chance to wow them, deliver pertinent information, and lock them in as a fan of your brand. They might check back to your page occasionally, if maybe they’ve missed a few updates and want to catch up. It’s vital to keep that cover image consistent with your branding, and well designed, but updating it every few months is essential too. Like all your other branding it should be fresh, on point with your company message, and fun to look at. Make sure not to neglect it as part of your social story.”

There are many free tools available on the web to help you create a custom graphic for your next cover photo, but using a professional doesn’t hurt either. If you have any questions or comments about designing a graphic, feel free to send me an email:

Thanks for reading!

– Tim Walsh

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