About The Studio

With over ten years of combined experience, eleven nine provides design and content solutions that can elevate the exposure and reputation of your business. Logos, advertising, photography, web design, content development, social media, email blasts, direct mailers, brand and media consulting – we work hard to create engaging marketing materials that will reach your customers and help you stay connected.

The specialists at eleven nine studios have worked for international companies in various industries, and our branding materials have reached customers in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia. Over the years, we’ve built an impressive network of valuable contacts that enable us to provide major marketing firm solutions at a fraction of the cost. And since we’re a small, focused operation, you can be sure that our attentiveness to your needs and your business is paramount. You get personal, dedicated support from talented professionals whose goal is to elevate your brand, your business, and your success.

Design Services

Design is the core of our business at Eleven Nine Studios. Whether it’s a logo, catalog, print ad, trade show artwork, brochure, you name it and we can design it. We don’t just design something cookie cutter though. We get to know you & your business. We want whatever we design to reflect your brand and deliver the message that best represents your business.

For logos, we can create a brand new one, or re-imagine your current one. A logo should leave a lasting first impression. It defines your business on several levels. It’s on your business cards, letter heads, in your email signature, and often times on your product. You want your logo to reflect the personality of your business. We can make that happen.

For other graphic & print design needs, our work speaks for itself. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes by meeting their needs in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. We’re a small business too, so we know how important budget is. So if you’re in need of design help, give us a call: 908-783-3262 (Tim Walsh), or send us an email: timw@elevenninestudios.com

Website Design

The days of throwing together a do-it-yourself website are over. Businesses big & small need a website that looks professional, modern, and well designed. You need the proper color scheme, the right fonts, and an eye catching style that reflects your brand. We’ll sit down with you and evaluate your current website to see if it needs a style change or a complete re-design.

Once we’ve decided what works best for your business, we’ll get to work on a few mock-ups. We want you to have several choices for your new site. Delivering a website that’s designed the way you want it, and functions flawlessly is our number one goal. Too many times we hear stories from people that they paid for a website they don’t like, and can’t update. That will never happen at Eleven Nine Studios. So if you’re in need of a new website, give us a call: 908-783-3262 (Tim Walsh), or send us an email: timw@elevenninestudios.com

Photography & Video Production

We love bringing moments to life. Whether it’s taking photos of a gorgeous wedding, or producing a testimonial video for a small business, Eleven Nine Studios can tell your story. Whether it’s a product unveiling, or just celebrating a milestone, we’d love to capture it for you. Anybody can take a photograph or shoot a cell phone video, but we want to bring out the beauty in everything we create.

With over ten years experience in photography and video production, our team has the right tools and the creative eye to bring out that “wow” factor. So if you’re in need of photography services, give us a call: 908-783-3262 (Tim Walsh), or send us an email: timw@elevenninestudios.com. If you’re in need of video production services, give us a call: 732-618-8885 (Chris Robinson), or send us an email: chris@elevenninestudios.com

Inbound Marketing

From writing to editing, we will bring the clients to you through various and valuable content. Plus we’re Hubspot certified.

Email Marketing

We can do some truly amazing things by using your existing email lists paired up with email platforms and our award winning design team.

Social Media Marketing

It’s never been more important for your business to have a social media presence. That doesn’t mean just starting a Facebook page or opening a Twitter account. For your business to truly see results from social media, you need a well thought out strategy. That’s where we come in.

We will evaluate what social media you’re currently using, how you’re using it, when you’re using it, and if it’s effective for your business. This is called a social media audit. After that initial process, we’ll discuss with you the goals for your business, and which of those goals can benefit from social media marketing.

The best part about working with Eleven Nine Studios is that along with our marketing knowledge, you get our extensive experience in graphic design. We can quickly create any visual content to move your social media campaign along without waiting around. So if you’re ready to get serious about social media marketing, give us a call: 732-618-8885 (Chris Robinson), or send us an email: chris@elevenninestudios.com

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